Sunday, June 12, 2011

Class and Workshop at the Sew-N-Save

I can't believe it has already been over a week since the class and workshop at the Sew-N-Save in Westerville, Ohio. I had a great time and I think everyone who attended did too. I had 6 students who learned how to make zipper bags in their hoops. Several were women I had previously met in classes but I had 2 new students. Things were a bit hectic but everyone got their bags made. Lunch was what slowed us down. The neighborhood Panera was hit with a rush of lunchtime orders - must be unusual on a Saturday. But everyone was patient and though there was a slight mix-up, we all ended up with our lunches, just a little bit late.

Several students stayed to do the workshop and we had several new participants drop in. We helped Kim make 14 bags. She still had a least 6 to make but that was much better than doing all 20 by herself. We netted $225 for her Pelotonia ride which I will be depositing in her account later today. That does not include the money she has from the bag orders themselves. She is very happy with the results and thanks everyone that helped. Mom will be adding some more later this month - watch for a special offer!

The poor girl has the misguided notion that mom can make the 25 mile ride NEXT year. I don't think so ... 5 miles is about all I can manage at one time.

Special thanks go to Annette and Granny who came in to help me with both the class and the workshop. Thanks to all who participated. And thanks again to Susan and her store family who helped make the day a big success.