Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Zipper Bags

I've been working really hard the last few months and the results are finally ready.

The Kindle/Nook case took the longest. I wanted several options that would cover the different versions of Kindle and Nook - but not have so many options it became confusing as to which one to order. have a Kindle 3 so that was pretty easy to make a case for - I had something to play with. My mom's Kindle is in a leather cover, so again, that one was pretty easy to make sure it fit well. The rest I had to make some intelligent guesses on. I've been using my Kindle case since late February and love it. The pocket on the front holds my charger so I don't lose it. The padding I used is just enough to protect it but not make it too thick.

I adapted my popular Shoulder Bag to make the new Jr Varsity and Varsity Purses. These have several options not available on the Shoulder bag - quilting and a 2 fabric pieced front and back. The Jr Varsity fits the Designer 1 and ULT hoops while its big sister, the Varsity purse, is sized for the Brother Innovis 4000D and PR600.

Last, but not least, are the 3 new iCases. I needed a 4x4 size for our local embroidery meeting so the Nano 6 was born - it its the iPod Nano 6th generation but is a good coin purse too. I was also asked for a case to carry an iPod Classis 120GB. The 3rd one is for my iPhone. I used transparent vinyl for one side of my case. Surprise! The touch features work right through the vinyl. I suppose one could even cut openings near the top and bottom for the speaker/microphone so you could actually talk on the phone with it in the case. I use mine on a neck strap when I walk or ride my bike.

All the new bags are on sale at the great introductory rate of 50% off from now until midnight EDST on May 26, 2011. Details on my website

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